Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Time!!! Time to give away!!!

Hey all,

In just a few days I will be heading back home for Christmas break.  I know the past couple months has been pretty dry with little to no posts.  But I have lots of projects that I have lined up.  Plus I had a pretty good chunk of my Christmas list dedicated to Nerf blasters!  So I am expecting to be posting a bunch of stuff very soon!  So stay tuned! It will be a very eventful and good Christmas break!

Also, if I am going to do a give away.  Not sure what I will be giving away yet, but come on...who doesn't like free stuff :)  So here is the deal,  if I reach 15 followers by December 25...I will be doing the give away.  So spread the word, share my blog, tell people they could get a free Nerf blaster!

Any questions feel free to ask!


  1. Hey, I got you to 15 ;)


  2. When do you think you'll be giving it away?